Welcome to Exodus Gamers!

EXODUS is a family of gamers formed in 2004. Today, this clan has cumulated into a structured forum that boasts over 140,000 individual posts. What makes Exodus different from most other gaming clans is attitude. Exodus believes that enjoying a game is more important than winning a game, and winning is only a bonus. Other clans will judge you on your gaming skills, but Exodus only judges on a good attitude. Exodus has many adults and some children in our forums, therefore our clan does not allow crude language or images in our forums or in our game servers. Please notice that Exodus is a community of gamers. We discuss many things on our forums, not just gaming. We are friends that offer support to one another and value each member's input. Most importantly, we have fun! If you are interested in being in a gaming clan, Exodus is absolutely the best. However, one of the reasons Exodus remains great is because we don't allow people to become members until we get to know them well. Come in, join the forums and get to know us!

Why Become a Clan Member?

  1. You will be issued tags to be worn during Game Play.
  2. You will have access to the "Private" forums.
  3. You can vote on issues that affect our clan.
  4. Most important, you will be part of the Exodus family.

Process for becoming Exodus

  1. Become a member of our forums.
  2. Post in our forums. Post a lot! Do not be shy, as everyone here in Exodus is very friendly. You can reply to existing topics or create new topics.
  3. It will take several months, but after we feel that we know you pretty well, one of the Exodus members will start a topic in our "Private" section of the forums to see how our other members feel about you joining the clan.
  4. If Exodus clan members feel you should be considered to join the family, an application will be sent to you in the form of a PM (Personal Message in the forums).
  5. Once you fill out the application and reply back, your application will be posted in our "Private" section for review and a vote to bring you into Exodus will commence.